About BEDC

The Bridgton Economic Development Corporation is an established Maine-based 501(c)(3) public-benefit corporation.  Our aim is to develop, strategize, encourage, and expand high-quality and sustainable business, enterprise and job creation in Bridgton, Maine.  The BEDC is also actively engaged in advancing community and educational development partnerships that serve to retain and attract a skilled young labor pool to fuel the growth of new and emerging industries and markets of the 21st century.

The BEDC is committed to expanding the town's economic base and achieving economic stability through growth and development.  We seek to provide a positive, supportive climate in an effort to attract a myriad of businesses.  The corporation recognizes the responsibility of maintaining a balance between development and the rural atmosphere that has made Bridgton a special place in the heart of western Maine.  

Through representation on its board of directors, the BEDC is an independent and autonomous economic development organization that is comprised of Bridgton’s prime economic sectors, including: healthcare, technology, banking, manufacturing, education, public utilities, legal, tourism & hospitality, retail, environmental, cultural affairs, land development, and insurance.